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Vacuum Casting

What It IS

Vacuum casting, also known as Urethane casting uses silicone moulds to make plastic and rubber components under vacuum, which is an extremely adaptable manufacturing process capable of mimicking the injection moulding to produce complex parts in polyurethane resins and cast nylon.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Lower upfront investment
  • High flexibility for product geometry
  • Loose tolerance because of shrinkage
  • Limited production volume: typical 20 parts

Vacuum Casting

How It Works

1. Create 3D Model

Create a 3D model of the required component, using the same design guidelines for making molds in injection molding.

2. Create Master Pattern

A master pattern is the primary mold made from 3D printing, CNC or other processes, with a high degree of precision.

3. Make Silicone Mould

Silicone mold is made using the master pattern and hot molten silicone, with heat curing at 40°C for 8-16 hours.

4. Prepare Resin

Completely mix the polyurethane resin and other casting materials, such as pigments and other agents with heating up to 40°C.

5. Vacuum Casting

Once the mixed resin is poured into the mold, it will be sealed and then placed in the vacuum casting machine for casting and curing.

6. Demoulding

When the curing is complete, properly demould the cast and trim off the excess materials such as the gates and runners.

Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum Casting

Industry Applications

Vacuum Casting

Material Selection

TypeKey featuresColorsApplications
ABS-likeVersatile polyurethane plastic resin, rigid and shock resistant, suitable for various products.RAL/Pantone colorsGeneral purpose items, enclosures
Acrylic-likeStiff, transparent urethane resin, hard, with medium to high strength and good clarity.ClearAutomotive lighting and other parts
Polypropylene-likeTough, flexible, and abrasion-resistant urethane with low cost and polypropylene-like ductility.Black or natural onlyEnclosures, food containers, medical applications, toys
Polycarbonate-likeRigid, high-impact, and clear material with a wide variety of uses, easy to machine and finish.Clear and various colorsAutomotive light diffusers, toys and plastic packaging
PMMAUV stable, high-quality urethane resin with good clarity, good for glossy, clear parts as a classic substitute for acrylic-like.RAL/Pantone colorsAutomotive parts
ElastomerPolyurethane plastic resin, simulating rubber-like materials like TPU, TPE and silicone rubber.RAL/Pantone colorsWearables, overmolds, gaskets